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Kerdomnel Khmer Foundation start its campaign for big screen for Khmer cultural heritage awareness…! Many thanks to H.E Kanharith Khieu, the honor president of Kerdomnel Khmer Foundation, for his strongly supports and encouragements.
Best –
Chen Chanratana
Founder of Kerdomnel Khmer Foundation.

(Photo: AKP, 18-April-2012)

Screenings for Khmer Cultural Heritage Awareness
July 7th, 2012 at Chaktomuk Conference Hall

KFF members with H.E Khieu Kanharith, minister of Information of Cambodia, the honor president of KDNK Foundation

I.  Background
This series of screenings will mainly feature “Lost Loves”, a Cambodian movie, regionally acclaimed and candidate for Oscar’s foreign film award. Along with this film are the works of some young Cambodians who are passionate about making films (Kon Khmer Koun Khmer and other film collectives) and a team that cares about Khmer heritage, Kerdomnel Khmer, supported by a young entreprenur incubating center, SmallWorld. It is a one-day event aiming at gathering the Cambodian professional and amateur filmmakers, and other interesting people who care about Khmer heritage and entreprenurial startups. This event is co-organized by the three entities: Kerdomnel Khmer, SmallWorld and Khmer Film Foundation.
Kerdomnel Khmer works to bring people together to understand, be educated in and explore opportunities in archaeology and the arts in Cambodia and elsewhere. Since its inception, the team has launched its first issue of Kedomnel Khmer review and organized some field visits within Cambodia.
SmallWorld is a collaborative workplace concept designed to ensure that passionate, idea-driven youth have access to an enjoyable and productive work environment. It is a small business support center where young entrepreneurs can learn, test and launch new ideas in an open, casual environment. Since its startup in late 2011, it has helped launched a variety of businesses: restaurant, clothes tailoring, massage, and more.
Khmer Film Foundation is made of different film collectives of Cambodian youths, under the initiative of Pr. Chhay Bora, Director of “Lost Loves”. Besides Pr. Chhay Bora’s growing own film production, KFF includes two main film teams among others: Kon Khmer Koun Khmer and Khmer Face.
Palm Film Production has been set up since “Lost Loves” was approved by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. It produces Cambodian quality and standard films and assists other film productions with its wide network of professional expertise.
Kon Khmer Koun Khmer has been widely known through various great works since 2009 which have been featured by both local and international media. The screening of “The Twin Diamond”, the exhibition of films from 1960s and 1970s, the International Art Festival and the last, but not least event, FilmCAMp, which rocked the audiences around Cambodia, just to name a few, were organized or co-organized by Kon Khmer Koun Khmer. The collective still keeps its ambition in building the successful film industry in Cambodia and this screening is one of its cornerstones of the year.
Khmer Face Production gathers creative and experienced young professionals. Most of its content is education-based. One of its outstanding involvements was with MTVExit as part of the campaign against human trafficking in Cambodia.
This special series of screenings will be conducted on July 7th, 2012 with the expectation of about 1,000 participants from grassroots people to VIP of the industry. Three sessions are to be set up, with the last one in the evening accessible only upon invitation. It will also serve as a chance to announce the offical establishment of Khmer Film Foundation and sollicit generous support or pledges for the causes of the three emerging entities: Kerdamnel Khmer, SmallWorld and Khmer Film Foundation.
II.    Objectives:
The specific objectives of Screening for Cultural Heritage Awareness are to:
●    To share knowledge and skills in archeology, film, arts and entrepreneurship
●    To create a network among all artists and art lovers
●    To showcase Cambodian films by both professional and amateur ones
●    To announce the establishment of Khmer Film Foundation
●    To raise funds to support Kerdomnel Khmer, Khmer Film Foundation, Small World

III.    Methodology
Semi-formal arts exhibition and film screening will highlight this event.
– 3 sessions of “Lost Loves” will be available with paid morning and afternoon screenings and   the last one reserved for high-level guests.
– Each session will take about two hours with a short presentation of the event.
– A short explanatory documentary about coalition of the three emerging teams will open up the evening session.
– Booths of representative stakeholders of this event will display their products from morning till evening and remain open to the public till 7:30 PM.
– An extra small snack will be served after the evening screening for participants to interact with the teams and other stakeholders.
– Participants will be briefed on how to contribute to our cause and how to follow up on our campaigns (website to be launched and operating Facebook page).

IV.    Expected Outputs
Knowledge and experiences of making films and preserve our cultural heritages will be shared by all participants.
•    All documents from the screening day will be made available online so as to share knowledge to one another;
•    The new emerging arts community will become stronger and more capable to  produce many works to express their ideas;
•    Freedom of speech via video will be used by participants to express their voices in Cambodian society ;
•    A new strong bond among artists, arts lovers and entrepreneurs will be formed;
•    The event will inspire the next generations of archeologists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and more.

V.    Participants:
The participants from different walks of life will be invited to the FilmCamp Cambodia 2012. Roughly 1,000 participants are expected to show up. They can be students, amateurs or professionals in such areas as archeology, film, business.
Students and artists in other professions like photography, dance, sculpture, and design will be invited to this event to witness and be inspired by our initiative. Cambodian VIP like H.E. Khieu Kanharith is expressing interest in supporting us. And we’re working to have Cambodian top female figures to show up in and support the event screening as “Lost Loves” is about a resilient mother’s struggle to save children during KR.

VI.    Venue: Chaktomuk Theater Hall is the potential venue.

VII.    Timeframe and topics:
It is a one-day event projected on July 7th, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and expected to be done annually (to be confirmed later). The theme of the events is about raise awareness of making artworks, especially in archeology and film and business startups. Hence, the invited guests will be informed and recommended to take action with our causes.

For more information about this event please visit:

For sponsorship, please contact:

1- Dr. CHEN Chanratana, Founder of KDNK Foundation,

Tel: +855 (98) 645 555 ; E-mail:

2- Mr. CHHAY Bora, Director of “LOST LOVES” movie,

Tel: + 855 (12) 800 234 ; E-mail:

3- Mr. CHHENG Sopheak, Co-founder of Small World

Tel: +855 (12) 650 111 ; E-mail:

4- Mr. SUM Sythen ; Co-founder of Kon Khmer Koun Khmer,

Tel: +855 (12) 684 955 ; E-mail:

5- Mr. HENG Vichit, Director of Khmer Face Group,

Tel: +855 (92) 627 249 ; E-mail:

© All Rights Reserved by Kerdomnel Khmer Foundation and its partners.

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  1. Xie Jiong De said,

    April 20, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    Comment participer? Sachant que je ne serais pas présent ce jour là sur place. Cordialement.

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