KDNK’s Announcement to local and international Sponsors

Dear Valued Donors,

Kerdomnel Khmer Group (KDNK Group) respectfully post our announcement to your organization for potential funding support for the coming three years.

KDNK Group has created a project of Kerdomnel Khmer, khmer heritage, Magazine which is a magazine that focuses on Cambodian Art and Archaeology. The magazine is involved in public education through educational articles, as well as hosting exhibitions and through other avenues. We offer a variety of topics and programs that serve every age and background in the community. The KDNK Group seeks funding for our most important project: educating the community about Cambodian art and archaeology. This project is the cornerstone of our organization and our strategy to bring news about art and archaeology to Cambodian youth and adults. To achieve our aims, Kerdomnel Khmer seeks to launch an innovative partnership consisting of funded and volunteer efforts. We look forward to exploring the possibilities of the funded activities with you.

We are hoping to raise  the found from your aides, your contribution , your organizations, to support the next three years of production and editing of Kerdomnel Khmer Magazine which will be distributed in Cambodia and abroad. You are welcome to become an institutional supporter of Kerdomnel Khmer Magazine and its various activities by contributing towards this figure.

Thank you for considering our request. Please contact Professor CHEN Chanratana, professor of art and archaeology, Faculty of Archaeology, Royal University of Fine-Arts, and Director of Kerdomnel Khmer, if you need additional information or would like to discuss funding a specific program.

KERDOMNEL KHMER….Together We Can Protect!


Kerdomnel Khmer Group

For more infos and donation, please contact us and we will give you our bank account.

Address: #25E0, Phlov Lum, Phum Toul Rokar

Snagkat Chak AngRe Krom, Khan Meanchey

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Phone: (855) 98 64 55 55 / 12 68 82 19 / 16 616 316

E-mail: info@kerdomnel-khmer.org

Website: www.kerdomnel-khmer.org

Weblog: www.kerdomnelkhmer.wordpress.com


In France:

Phone : (33) 6 18 02 86 12

E-mail: chanratana@kerdomnel-khmer.org

Website: www.kerdomnel-khmer.org

Weblog: www.kerdomnelkhmer.wordpress.com


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