Message from KDNK’s founder

We were proud to present the first issue of Kerdomnel Khmer (Khmer Heritage), a journal dedicated to arts and archaeology, and the first such magazine to exist in the Khmer language and in Cambodia. Kerdomnel Khmer is the result of efforts made by a team comprising professors and students whose fields of specialization range from the arts, archaeology, epigraphy, history, culture, tourism and journalism to computing. These specialists include both Cambodians and persons from abroad. Driven by our  passion for Khmer heritage and cultural diversity, our team has one single aspiration, to produce excellence in our endeavours for the sake of future generations. We intend to do our best to protect and spread Khmer culture and civilization which have a long and glorious history, and to make them known and available in Cambodia and abroad. We would especially like to have Cambodians understand the value of their national cultural heritage and encourage them to protect it in the spirit of these well-known slogans: “If culture fades away, the nation is destroyed”, “Destroying culture is destroying national identity”, and “Preserving culture is preserving the national soul”.

Some scientific journals of the highest quality do exist in Cambodia, such as Kambujasuriyā Udaya, Dassanāvattī Sangamasāstr-Manussasāstr, Siksācakr, etc. They publish more or less in Khmer. Some are trilingual but with an emphasis on Western languages, while others are entirely in Khmer or systematically publish Khmer versions of articles in other languages. We are sure that our journal can find its appropriate  place in this milieu and contribute to the diversity of the Cambodian scientific field while having its own originality, aiming at a broader readership comprising people without any scientific background but full of curiosity for Khmer culture.

In order to achieve this work, our members in Cambodia and abroad have devoted themselves to collecting data relating to Khmer arts and archaeology. The articles in the first issue of  Kerdomnel Khmer’s first issue were written by  skilled authors and checked by scholars to ensure their legibility and scope. The articles have been written in a style which favours simple and non-technical words, contrary to more specialised and scientific journals, as our aim is to make these articles easily accessible to the layman. In a word, this journal is intended for all Cambodians. The articles were divided into the following categories: current events in arts, archaeology and culture (inside and outside of Cambodia), research articles, thematic reports, portraits of scholars, Khmer cultural heritage, celebrations and ceremonies, as well as archaeological trips. We  also presented our readers and researchers with abstracts of books and websites related to research on Cambodia that are useful for further information. The Kerdomnel Khmer’s team were greatly thankful to His Majesty Baromneath Norodom Sihamoni, King of Cambodia and to the members of the Senate, the Parliament, the Royal Government, to all those persons and companies, who gave us their moral support for our journal.

CHEN Chanratana

Professor of Archaeology, History of Khmer Arts and Southeast Asian, and Social Research, Faculty of Archaeology, Royal University of Fine-Arts, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

PhD. candidate of Archaeology and Arts of Southeast Asia, University of Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris III

Kerdomnel Khmer….Together We Can Protect!

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