Magazine Overview

Kerdomnel Khmer, Magazine of Art and Archaeology in Cambodia

Languages: Khmer, English and French

Current News:

Review of research news in the domains of Khmer Art and Archaeology (excavations, restoration works, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc.), and other Southeast Asian cultures and civilisations that were in contact with the Khmer world.


Recent works of students and researchers, both Cambodian and otherwise, in the fields of Khmer art, archaeology and culture.

Reports or Documents:

Thematic studies of Khmer art and archaeology (major archaeological sites; aspects of Cambodian history that have remained largely unknown; collections of Khmer art within Cambodia and overseas; etc.) seen through the lens of recent research as well as archival documents and interviews.


Profiling the leading figures of Khmer studies, including epigraphists, historians, archaeologists, art historians and ethnologists.


Presentation in the form of generalist articles of diverse aspects of Khmer heritage (architecture, sculpture, painting, dance, theatre…etc.)

Festivals and Ceremonies:

Understanding the principal festivals and ceremonies of the Cambodian calendar.

Book reviews / Website:

Presenting details of recent books concerning Khmer arts, culture, archaeological research, architecture, painting. Introducing some of the websites which focus on researching about Khmer culture and civilization as well as the cultures of Southeast Asian countries.

Movie and Audio visual (will be updated for the next issue of KDNK Magazine)

(This part is reserved for the Bophana Centre)

Archaeological Excursions:

Tours and visits to principal archaeological sites in Cambodia.

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