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Cultural inheritance is considered as a very precious fortune for each country. Nowadays, Cambodia’s cultural scene is still suffering from its past decades of violence. Cultural creativity is still suffering from the long isolation history of the country; originality and imagination in this field take long to emerge. Conserving the traces of the past and using this memory to build a future based on international reconciliation and creativity are today’s priorities, especially while Cambodia gets involved to the World Trade Organization system and finally decides to hold a trial of the Khmer Rouge officers.

At present, artists’ community can play an important role in arising awareness on several problems Cambodia has to face. They can give the voice to testify the changes which take place in the society, to stimulate people’s curiosity and open-mindedness. In that context, Cambodian artistic community has to find a place to express its creativity and spread its work throughout Cambodia and then at a larger scale Southeast Asia.

Kerdomnel Khmer will be the first magazine dedicated to the Cambodian bubbling artistic scene which exists in Khmer language. Some articles will be in English to broaden the market beyond borders. This journal is the result of the efforts of a team made up of Cambodian students, professors, professional artists whose fields of specialization range from arts, archeology, history, culture, tourism and journalism. This quaterly magazine will engage with interdisciplinary approaches in collaborative projects and discussions in order to exchange ideas, promote critical thinking and initiate network of discourses on key cultural issues.

Concerning the main target, the Magazine will be used to spread and share the news to readers, especially regional villagers and young generation of what is the importance of cultural legacy and artistic values for the development of the society itself. The choice of words in the articles will be carefully made in favor of simple and non technical words at the beginning, as our aim is to make these articles easily accessible to the layman.

We would like to publish 4 magazines a year and select articles according to their originality and their interest for the artistic community in Cambodia. Moreover, we would like to ensure that everyone can participate to this art network; we have started up our own webpage with a blog where we can have access to articles, discussion and suggest a topic for the magazine.

For distributing Kerdomnel Khmer Magazine, we have cooperated with Monument Book for distribute to bookstores, Caltex station, airport both in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Moreover, we have freely gave the magazine to The King, the National Assembly of Cambodia, to all Ministries of the Government of Cambodia, Foreign Embassy based in Cambodia and also to the school and universities libraries in Phnom Penh and provinces. According to cooperation between Kerdomnel Khmer and Information Center, for the next issue of Kerdomnel Khmer magazine, we will distribute to 22 provinces of Cambodia by using the networks of IT City magazine, Phone City magazine and Chanreas magazine. However, we also cooperated with EFEO (Ecole Français d’Extrême-Orient), INALCO, University of Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris III and Nalanda Sriwijaya Centre (ISEAS) in order spread information about Cambodian culture research.

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