UNESCO funds project at Sri Ksetra

Text from SEAArch

Myanmar: UNESCO will soon launch a project at Sri Ksetra to help with the training of staff at Sri Ksetra in Myanmar.

UNESCO to support Sri Ksetra project
Myanmar Times, 20-26 February 2012

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation plans to launch its first cultural project in Myanmar in 10 years, a senior official said last week.

The capacity-building project aims to develop knowledge of preservation techniques and management of government staff at the Pyu city of Sri Ksetra in Bago Region.

The Italian government has contributed 400,000 euros (US$526,000) to the 12-month project, which has been designed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Culture’s Department of Archaeology, National Museum and Library.

UNESCO assistant director general for culture Mr Francesco Bandarin said in a statement that Myanmar faced a “huge” task to preserve its rich cultural heritage and the project would raise awareness and technical capacity for restoring and managing cultural heritage sites.

It will build up capacity in three priority areas, including conserving and managing heritage sites, establishing cultural heritage information management system using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and nominating World Heritage sites, according to UNESCO.


More infos: http://www.southeastasianarchaeology.com/2012/02/21/unesco-funds-project-at-sri-ksetra/

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