Call for Abstracts/Papers: Dharma-Dhamma International Conference, 20th – 22nd July 2012, at Sanchi/Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Dharma-Dhamma International Conference, 20th – 22nd July 2012, at Sanchi/Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Hosts: 1. Center for Study of Religion and Society, New Delhi, India;  2. Mahabodhi Society, Sri Lanka

The central theme of the Conference is Dharma-Dhamma which has been a pivotal and pervasive concept and overriding principle in Indian culture commonly shared by all religious traditions of India. It has played a dominant and cardinal role in shaping Indian view and way of life. It has covered every facet of human existence and cosmic life in so far as it has been the sustaining (dharaka), regulating (niyamaka) and life-enhancing (sadhaka) force in Indian cultural ethos. It has been the foundational tenet in Hinduism and Buddhism.


The Conference aims to focus on the essential identity between the Dharmma-Dhamma view points.  We find that these thoughts are as relevant today as they have been over millennia of Pilgrims’ Progress, exemplified by the abiding continuum of Hindu and Buddhist Civilizations. We aim through this conference, to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas and foster harmony between the two ancient Civilizations, so that Dharmma-Dhamma becomes a veritable celebration of freedom. It is all the more essential in view of the forces released by Globalisation today, to integrate the Orient through the common factor of Dharmma-Dhamma link provided by centuries of cultural and civilisational inter-connectedness.

This conference will explore the following subjects:

• Hindu Dharma – Bauddha Dhamma as Philosophia Perennis and Universalis – Perennial and Universal Philosophies
• Expression of Hindu and Bauddham thoughts in art and architecture
• Archaeological and Historical perspectives
• Sampradayas and patterns of worship in temples
• Renaissance in Hindu and Bauddham temples
• Areas for cooperation between Hindu and Bauddham scholars and prominent citizens
• Socio-economic cooperation among the Indian Ocean Rim countries

Indicative list of themes or topics at

The Abstracts and Papers may be sent by email in word.doc unicode format to:

Abstracts and Papers must be in English only (Participants interested in presenting Papers in languages other than English may contact the organisers at the contact details provided)

Poster Sessions are also available

Last Date for Submission of Abstracts: 30th April 2012
Last Date for Submission of Papers: 15th June 2012

Contact details:
Dharma Dhamma Conference

CSRS, India Foundation

C-1, Jangpura Extension

New Delhi- 110092,


Phone: +91 11 43012351 (10.30 A.M to 4.30 P.M on weekdays)


S. Kalyanaraman, Ph.D.
Sarasvati Research Center.


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