Dancing a Brighter Future – Children of Bassac in USA


In less than one month the Children of Basaac will embark on their first tour to the United States. The Troupe is just $5,000 shy of its goal toward arriving on tour free of debt from the purchase of costumes and equipment. This is an opportunity to invest in these young people’s artistic growth & knowledge while also investing in the restoration of a nation’s culture and confidence of Cambodia’s future generation.

Here are ways you can support the Children of Bassac:

$10 allows us to buy an Asapara costume shirt

$25 allows us to buy a Ploy instrument

$50 allows us to buy a Hanuman, or “White Monkey King” mask

100% of the proceeds raised from this campaign will go directly to final payments on equipment, costumes and other necessities for the upcoming USA tour (April 11 – May 10, 2011) and for future performances in Cambodia.


About the Children of Bassac:
In 2003, Master Ieng Sithul, one of Cambodia’s most well-known and beloved singers, visited a poverty stricken part of the capitol city, Phnom Penh, known as Tonle Bassac. In association with Cambodian Living Arts, he established music and dance classes right in the Tonle Bassac community where he recruited motivated and talented young people between the ages of 9 and 11 years old. Some of these young performers began attending classes and rehearsals even though they were hungry and homeless. Cambodian Living Arts provided 4 of these homeless students a safe place to sleep and eat inside their dance classroom and additional monetary support to allow them to attend school. The income these young performers earn from performances and tours supports their education and their families.

Now in its 8th year, this classical and folk dance class has over 40 students (ages 8 to 22) that feed into the Children of Bassac Dance Troupe. This group of talented and dedicated young people continues to inspire their peers to persevere despite overwhelming hardships. Local performances and international tours have inspired, and at times awed, all who have witnessed their beauty, confidence and mature presence.

The Children of Bassac Dance Troup is envisioned by Cambodian Living Arts as a model for a sustainable means of providing income, education, and hope for a better future to underprivileged youth whose stories may otherwise go unnoticed. These dancers’ stories are filled with resilience and inspiration as they look forward towards changing their lives and the future of their country. Be a part of the vision to transform Cambodia from its tragic history into a nation known for its arts and culture. Give as generously as you can today to­­­ invest in Cambodia’s future generation. Click the chip-in button below to help!

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