History of Prek Angkunh Village-Trapeang Roung Eco-Tourism site

(Written by Ty Theavy, edited by Louisa Lopez from England)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Koh Kong: This village is called Prek Angkunh. Prek means canal. Angkunh is a kind of tree that produces seed pods which are used in a popular game around the time of Khmer New Year. Since many Angkunh trees grow around the village, the village was named after them, and the people here play this game all year round, not just at Khmer New Year.

The villagers say that in 1975 the village was located in on the other side of the river and was home to 50 families. This village does not have a school. Therefore the villager’s children travel about 3 kilometers to go to the primary school next to the pagoda in Trapeang Roung village.

In the Pol Pot regime not many people lived here, because they fled to Thailand. In 1979 the village had only 8 families located in here and they had to live on the other side of the river, because the original location on the far bank was used as Vietnamese army barracks.

Previously, this village was a good place to see the wildlife such as tigers, elephants, crocodiles and more. Now the villagers are mostly making a living by fishing and hunting as well as collecting non timber forest products.


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