Message from Kerdomnel Khmer’s founder to CAA’s committees

Message from Kerdomnel Khmer’s founder to CAA’s committees and members for the 99th of Colleague Arts Association (CAA) in New York from 8th-12th Feb 2011.

Dear All,

I thought this you will find you all well. Firstly, i would like to tell you that i am so please to meet all of you in New York during the 99th of CAA’s conference from 8th-12th Feb 2011. I would to express my deeply acknowledgment to Dr. Frederick Asher for inviting me to joint this conference. For me, this special occasion seem to be very excited that it gave me a chance to meet and learn from all members of CAA and also others Professors from many countries around the world. From now on, i think that i could share my young experiences and acknowledge with many experts from around the world by keeping the communication throughout the world of Art History. On be haft of Cambodian people, young researchers, and also professors of the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and also on behalf of Kerdomnel Khmer Group’s member, i would like to thanks to CAA’s committees and members and Dr. Asher for his kind invitation…and i hope that i and other professors from Cambodia will have chance to participate for other events which will be organized by CAA in the future time. Due to this meeting, i hope that Cambodia, especially the Faculty of Archaeology of RUFA will bring to you many things from the research works about Cambodian culture and heritage that we are doing in the present time, and also to reinforcement the connection of Art History of Cambodia and other countries in the World.

Please you accept my consideration.

Best regards,

CHEN Chanratana

Director of Kerdomnel Khmer Group
Kerdomnel Khmer….Together We Can Protect…!


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