The Khmer New Year Expo & Festival is packed with fun and activities 2011

Cambodians will welcome a new and exciting event to welcome the Khmer New Year. Thousands of visitors will congregate at the Khmer New Year & Festival 2011 at the Diamond Island Exhibition & Convention Centre from 8-10 April 2011. It is the place where Cambodians enjoy the festive season with sales, music and lights to celebrate the Khmer New Year and soak in the atmosphere.

More importantly, it will be the biggest marketing opportunity for consumer products as the event will be held just before the Khmer New Year – the period where Cambodians go on the biggest buying spree for food & drinks, fashion, apparels, shoes, bags and toiletries & cosmetics, household goods, watches, gold & jewellery, baby/children ware, toys, electrical & electronic, motor vehicles.

If you want to give your business a boost and capture your share of this spending, you must book your booth at the Khmer New Year Expo & Festival. Nowhere else and no other time can you can sell where consumers want to buy! It is your best marketing opportunity where expo booth cost as low as USD 630!*

The Khmer New Year Expo & Festival is packed with fun and activities

The biggest New Year Expo
Music Concerts and Cultural Performances
Fashion Shows
Cooking Demonstration
Beauty Contest

The Khmer New Year Expo & Festival 2011 is organized by AMB Events (Cambodia) Pte Ltd , a member of AMB Events, Malaysia ( www, ) which is the leading international exhibition organizer in Southeast Asia. It organizes the highly successful CAMFOOD EXPO, CAMHOTEL EXPO, CAMBUILD EXPO, CAMSECURITY EXPO & THE CAMBODIAN CULINARY COMPETITION in Cambodia and over 30 events in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Contact MS SOKUNTHEA at tel: 092212181, Mr Somi at tel: 0979807553 or Mr Veasnea at tel: 016525142 or Office Tel: +855 23210806 FAX: +855 23214908 to book your booth today.

Senior Fellowships

The following provides further information about the fellowship opportunities available at the CKS as well as some background on CKS Fellows and their research projects. These fellowships are typically available on a yearly basis.

CAORC/ECA Fellowships for American Scholars

INALCO/CEK Fellowships for French Scholars

Current and Former CKS Fellows – forthcoming

CAORC/ECA (Council of American Overseas Research Centers)

Ph.D. & Senior Fellowship Competition for U.S. Scholars
Deadline: November 15th 2010

This program is open to U.S. doctoral candidates and scholars who have already earned their Ph.D. in the social sciences and humanities. Scholars can pursue research in other countries in mainland Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Southern China) provided that part of their research is undertaken in Cambodia.

Ph.D. Dissertation Research Fellowships
These Fellowships are open to doctoral candidates to pursue their dissertation research in Cambodia and Southeast Asia. Awards are available for periods of up to eleven months.

Senior Research Fellowships
Senior Fellowships are open to scholars in all disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities to pursue further research in Cambodia and Southeast Asia. Short-term awards are available for up to four months. Long-term awards are available for six to nine months. Fellowships for four months or less have some travel restrictions.

Criteria for Evaluation
The Selection Committee will assess each application on the basis of the project description, the candidate’s academic and/ or professional record and the quality of references. Members of the Selection Committee represent different academic disciplines, so the applicant must explain the nature and significance of the project in terms understandable to a non-specialist audience.

Fellowships granted by the Center for Khmer Studies receive funding from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States State Department and the Council of American Overseas Research Centers. Candidates must be U.S. citizens.

Download the application form:
For further information, please contact:


Bourses d’études au Cambodge (2011-2012)
Un programme supporté par la Florence Gould Foundation

Date limite de soumission des candidatures: reportée au 09 décembre 2010

Ce programme de bourses d’études a pour objet le développement des connaissances sur la société, la culture et l’histoire du Cambodge. Il vise à permettre à des étudiants-chercheurs français de niveau doctoral et post-doctoral, de pouvoir se rendre au Cambodge. Ce programme a également pour objectif d’aider les candidats à s’intégrer au sein de la communauté scientifique internationale et cambodgienne travaillant sur le Cambodge. Les bourses doivent couvrir les frais de voyage et de séjour d’étude au Cambodge. Les candidats sélectionnés devront prendre contact avec le CEK au Cambodge.

Les candidatures pour mener des recherches au Cambodge s’appliquent aux catégories suivantes :

– Bourses de recherche doctorale. Elles s’adressent aux chercheurs doctorants. Elles doivent leur permettre de mener à bien leurs recherches de terrain nécessaires à l’accomplissement de leur thèse doctorale ainsi que d’acquérir une formation linguistique en khmer. Les candidats doivent être de nationalité française. Les bourses de recherche doctorales sont conçues pour des périodes courtes et longues pouvant aller jusqu’à 11 mois au plus.

– Bourses de recherche post-doctorale. Elles s’adressent aux candidats de nationalité française déjà titulaires d’un doctorat ou de son équivalent. Elles concernent les chercheurs spécialisés dans les études khmères ou ceux souhaitant élargir leur champ d’investigation à l’étude du Cambodge. Les bourses de recherche post-doctorale couvrent des périodes courtes et longues pouvant aller jusqu’à 11 mois au plus.

Télécharger le formulaire d’inscription : Gould_Applifgsenior 2010
Pour plus d’information, contacter: ou

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