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Eco-Tourism at the Cardamom Mountains

Covering 6% of Cambodia, the Cardamom Mountains are home to most of the country’s large mammal species and half of its birds, reptiles and amphibians, including globally endangered and threatened species like Asian elephants, Indochinese tigers, Malayan Sun Bears, Pileated Gibbons, and Siamese crocodiles as well as the Irrawaddy and humpback dolphins in coastal areas.

The Cardamoms are a vast mosaic of sixteen interlocking ecosystems, from dense evergreen rainforest to lowland swamps and coastal mangroves. The Cardamom Mountains of southwest Cambodia are part of the Indo-Burma hotspot, an internationally recognized biodiversity hotspot and house one of the last remaining elephant corridors and large predator ranges in the region. They host more than half of Cambodia’s 2,300 bird species and are home to 14 globally threatened mammal species.

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