Film on Saturday at Bophana Center

samedi 11 décembre · 16:00 – 18:00

Lieu Bophana Center

#64, street 200, Oknhia Men
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Créé par :

En savoir plus Screening “The Secret Contract”
A film by Seng Setha, Produced by The Department of Cambodian Cinema and Diffusion, 75 min, 1991, Khmer Version
Free entrance

Salideth, a Cambodian residing in France during the Khmer rouge regime, returns to Cambodia in 1990s. Salideth, in France, is helped and supported by an old and rich Cambodian man who lost his son during the Khmer rouge regime. Salideth returns to Cambodia and tries to find his son for him. Using a photo of the young boy with a handwritten signature on the back, Salideth is advised to meet a girl working at Post Office in an attempt to find the similar signature.



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