Donate Us

We are Cambodian students and professors who lives and studies in Cambodia and abroad who support for all of activities for researching and documenting Cambodian Culture and Heritage. We are seeking everyday for the sponsors from other both local and international foundation to support the Kerdomnel Khmer Group’s activities. Your donations will be help us to sustain all of Kerdomnel Khmer’s projects.

Every sponsor of Kerdomnel Khmer Group will be posted in Kerdomnel Khmer Magazine and in its website in order that everyone can get information about Kerdomnel Khmer Group’s activities.


For sponsors please contact:

In Cambodia:

Mr. NHEM Vibol, Vice-director of KDNK Group

Tel: +855 (0) 12 68 82 19


Ms. ROEUNG Kannytha, Assistant director of KDNK Group

Tel: +855 (0) 16 61 63 16



In France:

Mr. CHEN Chanratana, Director of KDNK Group

Tel: +33 (0) 6 67 89 54 42



In Japan

Mr. SORN Sunsopheak

Tel: +81 (0) 8 04 16 73 443



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