The Phnom Kulen Program


Twelve centuries ago, much of what is today known as Southeast Asia was ruled from Cambodia, where the Khmer people’s vast Angkorian Empire flourished. From its historic capital, seated beneath a tropical forest on the plateau of the Phnom Kulen,(the “lechees mountain’), one of Earth’s most amazing civilizations was born.

Most of the excavations programs have so far focused on the renowned World Heritage Site of Angkor. However, on the nearby ancient mountain of Phnom Kulen, numerous archaeological discoveries are still being made. To complete the archaeological map and to illuminate the history of this exceptional historical and natural site, further excavations must be undertaken.

Our program’s archeological interventions engage Phnom Kulen’s villages and work in synergy with them to promote sustainable development. Working jointly with the local Cambodian authorities, our unique program employs local communities, invests in their health and development, and ensures that archeological finds are shared with the Cambodian people.

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