Artist Talk | Art in Public Spaces | Thu Dec 9th, 6:30pm | Sa Sa Art Projects

Who:  Artist Loeum Lorn, Co-curators Natalie Pace and Kate O’Hara
What: Talk about Art in Public Spaces
When: 6.30pm, Thursday 9th DecemberWhere: Sa Sa Art Projects, the White Building (5th Stairs, 2nd floor), Sothearos Blvd (see map)

Following on from the first ‘Pop-Up Art Space’ which took place during the Water Festival, Loeum Lorn and ArtXprojects invites you to participate in the rescheduled discussion about art in public spaces.  Lorn will talk about his experiences of creating work live in urban public spaces.  Natalie Pace and Kate O’Hara will expand the discussion, drawing upon their own experiences of art in public settings, showing a variety of film and images.

To coincide with this year’s Water Festival taking place across 20-22 November, artist Loeum Lorn created two new works as a part of his ‘Melting Motion’ series live on Sihanouk Boulevard.  His durational performances across the Saturday and Sunday, used paint and ice to produce ‘sculptures’ that constantly evolved in colour and form.

More than just witnesses to the creation and decline of these sculptures, visitors to the festival were invited to participate by painting with the artist.  As such, they became actively involved in the visual outcomes of these works.  The work raised questions about ownership and public usage of spaces in Phnom Penh.

Pop-up Art Spaces is a new series of art events curated by ArtXprojects.  Once a month they will appear in new and ingenious places around Phnom Penh inviting audiences to explore and perceive their city in new ways led by contemporary artists.  For more information visit

Dual Language.  Places are limited so please text or call 092953567 or 092289164 to confirm a space.

Many thanks,
Lyno Vuth
Sa Sa Art Gallery and Art Projects


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