Population Groups Served

Kerdomnel Khmer serves people in all areas of all backgrounds, but the majorities are adults living in urban areas.  It is hoped that this magazine can ride the new tide of increased interest in the arts and archaeology of Cambodia both within the country and abroad.

Below is the chart of they demographics of Kerdomnel Khmer’s readers:

Key Reader Characteristics

Location: Mainly urban, Demographic

Gender: Male and Female

Age: 19-25 (University students)

25-40 (Professors, young professionals)

30-60 (other researchers, Government officers, NGO staff and tourists.etc.)

Age: Generation Y (born 1977 or later)

Household size: 2-5

Residence status: Home owner, Restaurant, Hotel, Tour Agency.

Marital status: Single, Married

Education: Some college and higher education

Occupation: young/senior professionals, archaeologists, historians, researchers, photographers, artists, designers

Possible Sales Outlets and Outlet types:

In stores: Bookstores, convenience stores, supermarkets, coffee shops, hotels, Tour Agencies, Int. Airports.

Direct: Mail order or internet


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